Package of 4 coffee cups with plates.

- 4 cappucino cups: yellow - polka dot - green and European jersey

- 4 plates with bicycle


We know the fourth 'Tour de France' jersey is the white one but that is kind of hard to see on a white cup. So we added the European jersey to this package.  


Please be aware that all cups are made by hand and so variations in dimensions are possible. 

Produced in Europe.

Tour de France with world champion

Productcode: 005
149,00 €Prijs
  • ceramic / matte white glaze



    Cappucino " 10 cm diameter - " 5 cm tall

    Plates " 10 cm diameter


    Hand-made in small series.
    Avoid thermal shocks.

  • Please be aware of that this is a pre-sale. Shipment will be at the beginning of August.